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Making Marketing Magic

Follow proven processes and procedures in your marketing, sales, and service functions by using playbooks.

Designed for doing business

We've turned the best practices of our marketing team into playbooks that you can use for all your strategic marketing activities.

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Better Go-to-Market

Use Sprocket to help you create your go-to-market strategy, identify your target audience, create a brand and marketing plan and generate ideas that will help you grow your business.

Marketing Teams - Techly X Webflow TemplateMarketing Teams - Techly X Webflow Template

Have a CMO or CMO-in-a-box

Our Playbooks are the secret sauce that bring together the best practices, insights and tools to transform your marketing and fill your sales funnel.

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Seamless Communication

Sprocket's communication tools allows you to provide your team with all of the information they need to succeed on your own terms. It is a great way to increase visibility and participation in your business.

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Marketing playbooks

We give you a different playbook for every stage of your marketing journey, customer lifecycle and an analytical dashboard to track and improve your results.

Chart representing marketing strategy

Marketing Strategy

Get a clear picture of your marketing strategy, with an easy-to-follow process that guides you toward success.

Track your competitors

Gain deeper knowledge into what's working in your market. Your Sprocket dashboard will help you monitor your competition's performance and leverage the best to drive results for your business.

Get started and keep going

After the campaign is over, sprocket can suggest what playbook to do next. Sprocket will learn which activities are the most effective and will suggest the playbooks to do next to achieve better outcomes quicker and at less cost than an experienced

GTM Strategy

Build an effective go-to-market strategy with our proven playbooks

From Playbooks To Powerful Marketing

Automatically execute a step-by-step process to elevate your marketing, increase your sales, and grow your business

Save time and effort by making the optimum choices

As a busy business owner, you want to focus on the things that make you money. Sprocket helps you make decisions faster by presenting you with your options and explaining the pros and cons of each one.

Would you like to get better results from your marketing?

Sprocket is a digital toolbox that will help you develop an effective marketing strategy and keep track of your marketing efforts.
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Bring us your goals and we'll show you how to achieve them

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