How to Hit Your Sales Target Every Time

Align your sales and marketing function and build your capabilities and increase your effectiveness.

How to Hit Your Sales Target Every Time

Building the right tech stack is key

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How to choose the right tech stack for your company?

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What to consider when choosing the right tech stack?

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What are the most relevant factors to consider?

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What tech stack do we use at Techly X?

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Hitting sales targets is never easy. However, aligning your organisation and understanding your core capabilities will allow you to increase the effectiveness of both your sales and marketing departments. This article will show you the steps you are required to undertake in order to develop your teams and improve your results. You will enable them to achieve more in the same time frame, and if you have a smaller team, it will allow them more time on other projects. 

We are seeking alignment between your corporate or organisational objectives and your marketing and then communications objectives, which is often overlooked to companies detriments.

In a recent article discussing the effectiveness and imbalance of Burger King's activities, we covered their overview objectives. They have successfully transferred their aims and objectives, successfully aligning each campaign to one or more business objectives. 

For a select few companies, not having alignment won't make a significant impact. However, for the rest of us, not having alignment can result in hidden issues affecting sales or your brand's reputation. 

Is there a disconnect between what your marketing department says to what you are capable of doing? We have seen many organisations lately appear to embrace social justice, racial and gender equality, to name a few. Still, many of these organisations will be found out when their corporate actions contradict what the public was expecting.Your organisation is better to stand up for what (the collective) you believe in instead of trending topics that are not a top priority for your business. 

There are four steps you should go through to ensure you can improve your alignment, Understand your Business Goals, Core Values, Vision and Improve Alignment.

Understand your business goals

Not having a marketing plan or a marketing plan that does not consider your overall business goals will be ineffective and hinder your potential growth or other objectives. 

Developing your objectives will build accountability, credibility, and communication with your team and benefit your objectives.  

Your organisation should develop 3-5 objectives for each of the following categories, Customer, Financial, Learning and Processes. The individual objects can be on any timeframe, from one month to 10 years. For example, you may decide to have a new website created in the next six months. You want to increase sales by 10% over the next 12 months, or that you want to open international offices in the next five years. 

Core Values

Build on your objectives by developing your core values, allowing your organisation to build internal communications, which will improve your and your team's decision-making processes. Understanding your core values will also enhance research direction, product or market development and implementation at later stages. 

Documenting or Developing your vision

Although to many the vision statement may seem arbitrary and are often aloof, it is an important endeavour to ensure that your company and all of your staff are heading in the same direction. 

For example Linkedin, visiUndeImpProon statement is to: "Create economic opportunity for every member of the global workforce.". From that perspective, they have developed numerous products and services to make peoples jobs easier. Or help them build more knowledge at more cost-effective rates than many other platforms do. 

They have developed:

  • into Linkedin Learning, which has numerous courses that range from beginner to expert level on any subject that increases economic opportunities for their members
  • Sales Navigator for business development professionals, recruiters or even people looking for new opportunities

Suppose, for whatever reason; the users cannot access these services. In that case, there are groups on subjects, and people can also make new connections for free. Even if someone wanted to demonstrate their knowledge or skills, they could write and post articles or create a company page as a central hub for their content, minimising the necessity of having a website. However, not having a website would not be our recommendation.  

We have included a vision statement worksheet to give you and your organisation a head start. 

Improving alignment 

Having a strong understanding of your business goals, values and vision enable you to develop from a robust platform to build upon. The next step is to audit your capabilities to ensure you have what it takes to meet your objectives. You should audit six key areas; you're communication, competency, governance, partnerships systems and technology, and HR. 

It is crucial that you involve your team in the audit process, from the most senior to junior, as developing it from one perspective may lead to a bias in your organisation, which would render this step invalid. 

Your communication is both internal and external. How well does your team understand what is expected of them, and do you know what they are capable of. 

Consider how your competency lines up with your HR practices. What training and development do you need or have already planned to enable your team to implement your marketing strategy.

Improve your organisation 

Make the necessary changes to the core of your business and effectively present to your staff and potential customers. Take the opportunity to identify any weaknesses in your organisation before one of your competitors does. Making some simple changes can have a meaningful and permanent impact on your business.