Sales Strategy

What is Sales Enablement and Training?

Sales enablement and training cover various activities, programs, and resources designed to help salespeople be more effective in their jobs. Sales enablement aims to improve the sales force's performance by providing them with the knowledge, skills, and tools they need to succeed. 

Sales training typically covers product knowledge, customer service, selling techniques, and how to use company systems and tools. It can be delivered in a classroom, online, or on-the-job coaching. Sales enablement goes beyond training by providing ongoing support and resources that salespeople can use throughout their careers. 

Resources for sales enablement can include things like templates and playbooks for specific selling situations, reference materials such as product brochures and FAQs, and access to subject matter experts who can guide complex topics. Some companies also offer formal certification programs for salespeople who complete specific coursework or pass exams. 

Sales enablement and training can help organisations keep their sales teams up-to-date on the latest product information and selling techniques. In addition, it can help new salespeople learn about the organisation's products and services, how to sell them effectively, and what resources are available to support them. By providing ongoing sales education and support, organisations can improve their sales force's performance and increase their likelihood of success.