What is Shopper Marketing?

Shopper marketing is a subdiscipline of marketing that focuses on the individual consumers' journey through the purchasing process. In shopper marketing, practitioners seek to understand how shoppers make purchase decisions, what motivates them at different stages in their journey, and how to influence their behaviour. 

A key goal of shopper marketing is to close the gap between what brands promise and what shoppers experience when interacting with those brands. To do this, shopper marketers must first understand shoppers' unmet needs and then develop creative solutions that address those needs better than the competition. 

In recent years, shopper marketing has become an increasingly important part of many marketers' toolkits. This is partly due to the rise of eCommerce and omnichannel shopping experiences, which have made it more difficult for brands to reach and influence consumers directly. By understanding shoppers' journeys and developing targeted initiatives that meet them where they are, shopper marketers can help brands remain relevant and top-of-mind as consumers move along their path to purchase.

One of the key benefits of shopper marketing is that it can help to increase sales. This is because shopper marketing helps to connect with shoppers and provide them with information that will help them make a purchasing decision. By doing this, shopper marketing can encourage shoppers to buy products they may not have otherwise considered. Additionally, shopper marketing can also help to increase brand awareness among shoppers. This is because shoppers are more likely to remember the brands involved when exposed to shopper marketing campaigns. Lastly, shopper marketing can also help to increase customer loyalty. This is because when shoppers have a positive experience with a brand's shopper marketing campaign, they are more likely to continue using the brand in the future.

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